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Many of our students studied English in public school where teachers don't always teach pupils how to speak English. The emphasis is often on grammar instead of spoken English. The best way to improve your spoken English is to have casual conversations as often as possible on everyday topics. Here are a few ways to do that: Make friends in our learning community. Come into our live conversation classes. Find a place to meet native English speakers online, or in your city. If there are foreigners visiting your city, they would welcome the chance to meet someone local to learn more about your culture. So pluck up your courage and find ways to practice your spoken English today.

1. Use a dictionry to learn new words or to find out the meaning of a word you may have heard. Make a list and use these words as often as you can.

2. Read books, newspapers and magazines. This will allow you to understand the language better and help you learn new words to widen your vocabulary.

3. Watch English movies, preferably with subtitles. This, too, will aid you in understanding the language better.

4. Read one article out aloud every day, and if possible ask someone to listen and correct you. Focus on speed, clarity and correct pronunciation.

5. Record your own voice and listen to it. This will help you gain confidence and work on your mistakes.

6. Try and find a partner who is also interested in improving his/her spoken English. Practice together, correct each other and learn together.

7. Think in English, instead of translating sentences from other languages that you’re familiar with. Doing this leads to grammatical mistakes and deteriorates the quality of your spoken English.

8. Join an online English learning course. Such a programme provides you with the right content and opportunities to practice with other users. Besides this, your answers are corrected and proper feedback is provided.

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